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VT Charity Accounts Templates (Multi charity version) UK wide

Price : £140.00 | Product Code : CHA/0500/14

NOTE!!! These templates will not be appropriate for year ends after 30th November 2015. Allowing for filing deadlines, this means that the templates will be obsolete for most company charities after 31st August 2016 and for unincorporated charities after 30th September 2016. This is because the SORP 2005 was withdrawn for all accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2015. For all periods commencing in 2015, you MUST use the 2015 SORPs.

However, you CANNOT adopt the 2015 SORPs early, so for accounting periods commencing in 2014 (ie usually all year ends up to 30th November 2015), you MUST use these templates.


Any existing user of the SORP 2005 templates whose renewal is due AFTER 31st May 2016 should purchase the SORP 2015 templates, and they will be able to do so at a discounted price. When they do so, they will be licensed to use their existing SORP 2005 templates without time limit even if this extends past the usual renewal date.

Any new purchaser of the SORP 2005 templates who subsequently purchases the 2015 SORP template will be able to do so at a discount, and when they do so, they will be licensed to use their existing SORP 2005 templates without time limit even if this extends past the usual renewal date.

The discount codes will be emailed to existing users.

No. of Licences

What it does
How you use it
What is the benefit?

This version of the product is for use for an unlimited number of charities of all types.and is compliant with the Charities Act 2011. If you require templates for use for a single charity ONLY at a discounted price then look for products CHA0531 to CHA0544 on the Sorpaid Shop .

Anthony Mills, one user, says:-I\\\\\\\'d happily tell people how great your software is! … How anyone would ever consider preparing charity accounts without it, is a mystery to me. It would be nigh on impossible, I believe! 

ALL the individual te mplates are included in this multi charity version. The templates are NOT for bookkeeping purposes - they are for final accounts preparation in SORP compliant format. A user comes to the templates with a finalised Trial Balance prepared from a bookkeeping system, and the template turns this TB into a set of statutory accounts.

Our charity templates are Excel based and are compatible with VT Final Accounts Production Software. They require an installation of VT Software in order to work, and the end product is a fully SORP compliant set of accounts. Details of VT software are given on the \\\\\\\'How you use it\\\\\\\' tab

The accounts consist of a Trustees\\\\\\\' Annual Report, a Statement of Financial Activities, an Income and Expenditure Account, a Balance Sheet and related notes and schedules. Throughout the templates there are cross references to the relevant disclosure requirements of the SORP, and links to a library of publications and reference material on the internet. There is also a built in disclosure checklist. There is comprehensive guidance on law and practice.

The latest version of the templates, version 14, is compliant with the 2005 SORP as revised in 2008 and the 2008 FRSSE, and the Charities Act 2011 and has a number of new features that were not available in earlier versions. Under the \\\\\\\'Manual/Resources tab of this product are links to sample accounts, and to a free copy of the operator\\\\\\\'s manual.

The basic templates cover law in England & Wales (E&W)and Scotland.

 For Unincorporated charities there are five templates included in the bundle:-

     Exempt from scrutiny - below the threshold - accruals accounts (E&W only)

     Exempt from scrutiny - below the threshold - receipts and payments accounts(E&W only)

     Independent Examination on an accruals basis  (In Scotland \\\\\\\'fully accrued)

     Independent Examination - receipts and payments accounts 

     Unincorporated charity audit - accruals account (In Scotland \\\\\\\'fully accrued\\\\\\\')

For incorporated charities there are four templates included in the bundle:-

     Exempt from scrutiny - below the threshold - accruals accounts (E&W)

     Independent Examination on an accruals basis  (In Scotland \\\\\\\'fully accrued\\\\\\\')

     Audit of an incorporated charity - accruals account (In Scotland \\\\\\\'fully accrued\\\\\\\')

     Audit of a company charity which exceeds the Companies Act audit thresholds

For CIOs and SCIOs, the unincorporated templates may be used.

There is an optional extra template for consolidating a group of charities.

Although the basic templates will produce accounts for charities with endowment funds in simple cases, more complex cases will require further analysis and there is an optional endowment fund template. In the past we have found that many users are able to use the basic templates, even for endowment funds.

Knowledge required and technical support. Because it is assumed that many users of these templates not only have a good working knowledge of Excel and VT, but also are qualified accountants, then the help and support on the technical aspects of these templates is limited. We are very willing to offer limited telephone support on initial installation, and advice on technical difficulties with the operation of the software itself. In practice, as the templates are Excel based, we have found that very rarely has there been the necessity for any detailed support although on occasion we have referred users to VT for help with aspects specific to VT Software. However, in the past, we have found that because of the specialised nature of charity accounting many users of the templates feel they need the benefit of technical accountancy assistance .

Peter Brown & Co are able to offer an annual retainer for telephone support on technical charity accounting matters for £130 per annum. This will entitle a user to up to four hours technical discussion per annum. On more complex matters specific instructions would be taken. -  See the advice section of the Sorpaid Shop. If any user who did not take advantage of the annual retainer to provide assistance on technical accounting matters, Sorpaid reserve the right to charge a professional fee for the time engaged. Any purchaser of the templates would be advised when it was felt that a fee basis would be appropriate and the fee basis would be discussed and agreed before proceeding.

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