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Trustees Report Drafting tool for 2015 SORPs - Multicharity version

Price : £15.00 | Product Code : TAR 2015 MULTI


Prepare a FRS102 SORP 2015 (complies with all current versions of the SORP) Compliant Trustees Report - for firms of accountants and charity trustees.

This is a Word based file, which sets out all the requirements and exemptions for a valid Trustees Annual Report. It enables the user to work through the file, generating text and data for the report, so that a fully compliant report can be prepared.

Under the licence, there is no limit on the number of charities for which it can be used.

It is appropriate for very small charities to very large charities. Accountants can email the file to their own clients, so that charity trustees can have the tools to draft a compliant report and return it to their accountants for inclusion in the accounts, or charities can buy it for their own use.

It consists of a document file that helps charity accountants and charity trustees with the following governance tasks:

  • Preparing a FRS102 SORP 2015 (in all versions) compliant Trustees Annual Report  (The TAR)
  • Ensuring the TAR complies with all legal and professional disclosure requirements that are additional to the SORP
  • Pointing out those exemptions that are available to smaller charities (as defined in the SORP), and when good practice suggests a charity should not claim the exemptions.

The file allows a firm of accountants to send a pro forma by email to their clients who can then draft the report, and send back a finalised document for inclusion in the final accounts.

Alternatively, it can be used by trustees as a standalone tool, to produce a TAR which can be sent to the accountant, examiner or auditor of the charity.


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This is the version for accountants in practice, and can be used for as many charities as is required, provided they are clients of the purchasing accountant

An examiner or auditor is prevented by independence rules from drafting the TAR, as the examiner or auditor has to certify that the TAR is not materially inconsistent with the accounts.

However, it is often the case that trustees will need assistance, and this tool can be emailed to trustees, who can insert appropriate text in the relevant places. The completed file can then be returned to the examiner or auditor to be dropped in to the accounts.

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