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ANA/002/14 Accountant analysis tool - Cash and bank analysis and reports - For clients Not VAT registered

Price : £20.00 | Product Code : ANA/002/14
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 This product differs from '004 cash analysis', in that it will deal with significant bank transactions, and has a payroll and PAYE control, and Key Performance indicators. It is the same as product '001' except that it does not permit VAT analysis.

Pay £20 for an unlimited licence to use for as many clients as you wish. For £30 you can buy all three templates '001', '002', and '004'  - see product 'ANA/006/14 -Bundle'

This is a fee earning opportunity for a firm of accountants.This is a bookkeeping solution for a small trade, who cannot justify the expense of a computerised accounting system.

This is a spreadsheet for by the accountant of such a trader as a working template to produce an electronic extended trial balance.

It is designed for those trades whose transactions have both cash and bank transactions and who are NOT VAT registered, and will meet all their bookkeeping needs.

It records in a simple straightforward way all the transactions of the business, because a sophisticated, more expensive, software solution would be over the top for such a trade.

An accountant can use the template in three different ways:

1) Supply a copy of the template to the client so they can record daily transactions as the year goes on

The accountant enters in the opening trial balance at the start of the year (if it is known at the time the file is passed to the client). The license authorises the accountant to send this file to as many clients as needed.

The accountant then passes the file to the client, and, for a fee, gives the client tuition in the basic elements of bookkeeping required to take full advantage of the spreadsheet.

The trader records on a daily basis all the bank cash receipts and payments, and if a till is in use, records any discrepancies on the till at the end of the day.

At the year end, the trader then passes the file to the accountant, who then collates information such as debtors, creditors etc and enters then into an inbuilt extended trail balance in a format that will be familiar to any accountant.

This enables accounts to be produced in a cost effective way, with an electronic working paper in a standardised format. This should reduce the time required to prepare such accounts.

As the licence is for one computer only, we would expect the accountant to send us £16  for any client who installed the template on the client's computer. We rely on the honesty and integrity of the client to do this.

2) Use by an accountant as an 'in house' analysis tool

If a client brings in a plastic bag full of unordered paperwork, this spreadsheet is an analysis tool that will help turn that plastic bag into a semblance of accounting order.

The accountant enters the opening TB, and analyses the paperwork to the cash payments and receipts analysis , and then enters the closing creditors and debtors to prepare an extended trial balance.

3) To prepare simple Key Performance Indicator reports

Key figures can be extracted from the spreadsheet to provide simple but important reports to the client

Knowledge required and technical support.

Because it is assumed that many users of these templates not only have a good working knowledge of Excel and VT, but also are qualified accountants, then the help and support on the technical aspects of these templates is limited.

We are very willing to offer limited telephone support on initial installation, and advice on technical difficulties with the operation of the software itself. In practice, as the templates are Excel based, we have found that very rarely has there been the necessity for any detailed support. 

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