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FRS 102 SORP 2015 (SORP 2019 modification) NI - Single Company WITH endowment funds

Price : £60.00 | Product Code : FRS102 NI Company version 20.01 -WITH Endowment funds

COMPLYING WITH THE LAW IN NORTHERNIRELAND - Template for a Single Company charity WITH endowment funds

The templates normally apply for accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2019.

Templates for periods before this are available on the Sorpaid shop, under Bulletin 1 products.

Video Help.

The templates have extensive video files showing how they are installed and how they should be used. These can be viewed before purchase by clicking on the link Video Help

 Application :- FRS102 SORP (in its modified version following the SORP Edition 2 in October 2019) for a Single Company charity WITH endowment funds, in compliance with the charity legislation in Northern Ireland , and related regulations,with gross income of less than £500,000 - (ie defined as small in the SORP).

The modified version of the FRS102 charity SORP, applicable from 1st January 2016, changes the definition of small charities. In the unmodified version that applied before this date, smaller charities were defined as those not subject to statutory audit. In the modified version, small charities are now defined as those with gross income below £500,000. This means that a charity in England & Wales with income between £500,000 and £1m would be small under the unmodified version and large under the modifed version.  There are also some changes in the modified version relating to the mandatory accounting treatments that should be followed.

This template CANNOT be used for large charities (these are charities with income in excess of £500,000). For such charities, an unlimited bundle licence should be purchased - To view bundles - Click here

Other information

These templates are used to prepare a FRS102 SORP 15 Edition 2 - October 2019 compliant set of accounts. They work in conjunction with VT Software, and require a good working knowledge of Excel and VT software.

One user of our SORP 2005 templates, said:-I would happily tell people how great your software is! … How anyone would ever consider preparing charity accounts without it, is a mystery to me. It would be nigh on impossible, I believe

Large charities  CANNOT use this single licence template -  (these are charities with gross income in excess of £500,000)

Small charities are charities with gross income below £500,000


The products in this category are for  use for ONLY ONE SPECIFIC charity on one computer for one year from the date of purchase. Use for pereparing accounts of more than one charity would be a breach of the licence.  The templates cannot be used after one year, unless a renewal licence fee is paid.

If a purchaser has an existing licence for the company template , the modified FRS102 SORP 2015 (as modified by Bulletin 1 in 2016), then when purchasing this new template, the old licence for the former templates will automatically be extended, free of charge, until the anniversary of the purchase of the new template.

 For new purchasers who do not have an existing licence for the modified FRS102 SORP 2015 (as modified by Bulletin 1 in 2016) and who may wish to use the former templates in the transition period, we will supply a discount code enabling you to purchase the former templates for a nominal £10.

If you want to use the templates on more than one computer, then significant discounts are available for additional licences, and you should contact Sorpaid for details.

Legal format of charities

This single licence template can only be used for charities that are registered as companies under the Companies Act or similar legislation. They CANNOT be used  for  CIOs, unincorporated charities or Registered Societies.

No. of Licences

Product Overview
The STEPS process & HELP file
How the templates work
Resources and prices

The accounting periods for which these templates can be used are described in the descriptive section above.

Template for a Single Company charity WITH endowment funds operating in Northern Ireland.

Preparing charity accounts is complicated. Recent surveys have shown that many accountants get it wrong. Indeed, the Charity Commission in England & Wales are reported to have commenced a programme of referring accountants who get it wrong to their professional regulators.OSCR, in Scotland, have been doing this for several years. No doubt, CCNI will take a similar course.

We have developed these templates to cover the vast majority of disclosure requirements, and rely on three features to ensure that the accounts are as simple as they can be, yet meet all the requirements.

The three features in our templates are:-

a) The VT autohide facility - see VT Accounts Production Software for details
b) The inbuilt STEPS process.
c) The HELP and support files.

The STEPS process is a carefully developed logical process , whereby the user follows a series of chronological steps. These STEPS gather data relative to the accounts, and tailor the template accordingly.

For each STEP, there is a link to a full description in the HELP file which describes exactly what is required in each STEP.

Charity accounts are complicated - our templates can also, as a result, sometimes seem complicated. However, if you follow the STEPS process, and carry out the specified tasks in numerical sequence, then much of the complication is either removed, or, at least, diminished.

Throughout the templates, there are links to a context sensitive part of the HELP file. This will give details and clarification of legal or SORP requirements, how you enter data, and what you must NOT do, or what you MUST do.

By navigating within the HELP file, you have both a complete user manual for the software, but also a detailed guide to charity accounting and charity law, including extensive links to external websites.

There are also a large number of Video help files that can be viewed on line, using links in the templates

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