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UK wide Consolidated accounts under the 2015 SORP (periods commencing after 31/12/15)

THESE PRODUCTS MUST NOT BE USED FOR ACCOUNTING PERIODS COMMENCING ON OR AFTER 1ST JANUARY 2019 (in most cases this will mean they cannot be used for accounting periods ending 31st December 2019 or thereafter) - see the new updated SORP Edition 2 templates

Consolidated templates

CONSOLIDATED BUNDLE  - Normally £150, but if you are already a user of our non consolidated templates with an unlimited licence it is £60. Please contact us for a discount code.


FRS102 2015  Consolidated templates for charities with or without endowment funds, including the modifications in the 2016 Bulletin.

These products are templates for preparing consolidated accounts for charities operating in a particular chosen jurisdiction within the UK, preparing accounts under the FRS102 SORP2015 as modified in 2016.

Although these templates can be purchased separately from the individual templates, they are most likely to be used as an adjunct, after individual charity accounts have already been prepared for the parent charity using the individual templates.


 To use these products, users must have the VT Accounts Production Software add on to Excel installed on their computer. Excel must be Excel 2003 or higher, but not in the 64 bit edition. Any Windows operating system from Windows XP or above will be suitable.

These templates are used to prepare a FRS102 SORP 15 (as modified in 2016) compliant set of group accounts. They work in conjunction with VT Software, and require a good working knowledge of Excel and VT Accounts Production software.

The templates normally apply for accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2016.

The templates cannot be used after one year, unless a renewal licence fee is paid.

If you want to use the templates on more than one computer, then significant discounts are available for additional licences, and you should contact Sorpaid for details.

Video Help

The templates have extensive video files showing how they are installed and how they should be used. These can be viewed before purchase by clicking on the link Video Help


An unsolicited testimonial received on 5th January 2015 :- 

I really do think that the template is brilliant and even essential for proper charity accounts preparation.

The 2018 updates include:-



  • New UK wide audit reports to accomodate revised audit reportsr equired by revised auditing standards for accounting periods commencing after 16th June 2016.
  • New England & Wales examination reports to meet the requirements for all examinations signed off after 30th November 2017
  • New fund accounting policy to bring into line with up to date practice
  • Altered error checking to cope with accounts to the nearest hundred or thousand of £s
  • More optional example texts included in notes
  • Improved and refined error testing
  • Improved and refined autohiding
  • Removed minor bugs and gremlins and textual ambiguities that have been reported by users
  • Minor alterations to disclosures to accord with good practice
  • Major re-write of the help and support file to reflect recent legislative etc changes and clarify points or questions raised by users
  • Improved on screen instructions to assist with data entryTaken on board improvement suggestions from users
  • Minor textual changes in the notes and TAR
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    FRS 102 SORP 2015 (2016 modification) E&W Consolidated: £150.00
    FRS 102 SORP 2015 (2016 modification) SCOT Consolidated: £150.00
    FRS 102 SORP 2015 (2016 modification) NI Consolidated: £150.00
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