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These products will be of interest to tax advisors in general practice. Some products are quite basic techniques and documents that any competent tax advisor would be able to prepare for themselves - but why spend the time and effort when they can be downloaded at little cost?

Other products are ones that have been developed for use in accountancy firms to assist with quality control. Peter Brown & Co have been awarded the ACCA Quality Assured Mark, which gives clients of the firm the reassurance that the systems and procedures used by the firm are to the highest professional standards. Through Sorpaid, these systems and procedures are being made available to colleagues in other firms.

Products in this Category
TAX/0105/14 Tax accountant's planning tool for salaries and dividends 2013/14 and 2014/15: £16.00
TAX/0100/14 Bundle of standard tax return letters for managing tax work 2014/15: £15.00
TAX/006/11 Capital allowances computation tool 2010/11: £15.00
ANA/004/14 Accountant Analysis tool - Clients with cash businesses - Not VAT registered: £20.00
ANA/004a/14 Proprietor's Bookkeeping tools for cash only businesses - not VAT registered: £16.00
ANA/001/14 Accountant Analysis tool - Cash and bank analysis and reports - For VAT registered clients: £20.00
ANA/001a/14 Directors and Proprietors Bookkeeping tools - Cash and Bank analysis and reports - VAT registered: £16.00
ANA/002/14 Accountant analysis tool - Cash and bank analysis and reports - For clients Not VAT registered: £20.00
ANA/002a/14Directors'/Proprietor's Bookkeeping tools -Cash and Bank analysis and reports - Not VAT registered: £16.00
Documents for documenting dividends Up to date for law to 01/01/15: £12.00
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